Belfast Solicitors McIvor Farrell attended a high level meeting with senior police on the 16th June 2016, on behalf of the family of murder victim Christopher Meli who was brutally murdered on the 12th December 2015, to address concerns they had in relation to Police failures to keep them advised of developments in the investigation into their son’s murder. This was the second occasion that we had to attend meetings on behalf of the family due to their frustrations with regard to the progress and developments in relation to the investigation. Following on from the meeting Police made a fulsome apology to the family with an undertaking to keep them well informed in the future with regard to progress and developments.

Paralegal Aine McElwee who attended the meeting speaking afterwards noted that while the family could have made a formal complaint to the Police Ombudsman this was not necessary in this instance, since the family’s needs required immediate action and the informal resolution process we proposed was the most direct and expedient way to deal with the issues in hand. We are pleased to have brought this matter to a swift and successful conclusion avoiding a protracted complaints process.

Should you have any concerns in relation to the Police handling of your case or concerns about a defective prosecution please contact us immediately.

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