The family of a young North Belfast man who tragically died of an overdose in Belfast city centre are fighting to prevent anyone else falling through the gaps in the system, one year on from his death.

Patrick McIlroy was 27-years-old when he died last June, just days after he was released from Maghaberry Prison. 

Jack Murphy of McIvor Farrell Solicitors said: “Patrick was released from custody and tragically within a few days he passed away. It is the family’s contention that Northern Ireland Prison Service and Prison Healthcare failed in their duty of care to Patrick during his time in custody and the short time when he was released.

“The Prisoner Ombudsman has a duty of care and a legal remit to investigate Patrick’s passing, which is ongoing.

“The family and I met to put across their concerns with regard to his care within custody in terms of his mental health care, or his addiction care and what was carried out. 

“It is the family’s belief that if the care had have been provided in prison, then perhaps the tragic circumstances wouldn’t have happened as such. The Prisoner Ombudsman report is in the very early stages at this time.

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